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There are countless risks in the practice of healthcare or medicine. Doctors and healthcare providers, like yourself, can only do so much to avoid professional liability cases but the reality is, that possibility will always be there.


Your best defense is enrolling into comprehensive medical malpractice insurance at Interstate Healthcare. Our company has been serving the insurance needs of doctors and healthcare providers for many years. We are proud to be protectors of their profession.


Insurance for Doctors

The Medical Practice is full of risks – but it is also fulfilling to know the crucial and valuable role you play in the health management of your patients. Still, you must protect your practice from unforeseen instances that might fall under the category of Medical Malpractice. Our insurance coverages will be very useful to safeguard your profession and at low monthly premium payments.


Interstate Healthcare partners with medical malpractice insurance carriers that are both locally and nationally recognized. Many of them have low premium rates and convenient payment plans that any healthcare professional can take advantage of.  We invite you to request for quotes today! Please send your information online.

Homecare Physicians

Interstate Healthcare will be happy to supply Medical Malpractice insurance coverages for healthcare providers. The plan will be tailor fit to the discipline(s) you are currently practicing and the kind of healthcare environment you work in. To get quotes, please send your details via our online form.


The goal is to give you the stable protection against possible professional liability cases involving your work. Whether you are new to the practice or a veteran in the profession, there are various medical malpractice insurances you can choose from. All of them are from carriers that are reliable - Interstate Healthcare would not partner with any carrier that cannot meet the quality standard we are looking for.