About Us

Interstate Healthcare

Interstate Healthcare was founded to protect healthcare providers in thier many forms and shapes all across the country. We insure physician office practices, mobile practices, physician organizations, hospitals, specialty centers, SNF's, ALF's, RCF's, ILF's and most healthcare exposures our policyholders need coverage for.  Today Cyber Liability exposures are nearing the frequency and severity or professional liability claims. We are also experts in thier coverage and look forward to discussing your Cyber exposures and making certain you have the coverage you need in todays unfriendly environment. 


We provide options to purchase coverage at low premium rates and convenient payment plans.  Have you shifted a good percentage of your practice to telemedicine? Does your current carrier provide that coverage, and is it broad or limited.  We provide the broadest coverage for telemedicine, Cyber, HIPAA and administrative defense coverage available.  When was the last time your agent even called to check on or discuss these things with you? 


In many ways, it is your profession that defines you. You are measured by the accuracy of fulfilling your functions to patients and their family members.


However, the continuously changing healthcare needs of your patients present countless risks – and they multiply every day. You cannot allow these circumstances to limit you in your profession. You need to be able to function well. Our goal is to give you support and be your voice whenever those risks you would otherwise avoid will still take place despite your best efforts.


We invite you to give us a call at 800-419-5999 and talk to our insurance agents. Get the sound advice you need before you make a purchase or enroll into an insurance coverage or plan. With us, you can request for multiple quotes from various carriers. This information will allow you compare rates and choose the best insurance plan to fit your medical practice’s needs.